The East Cleveland Domestic/Family Violence Program


The East Cleveland Domestic/Family Violence Program was a result of the vision of the late Yasmeen A. Akhir, the invaluable assistance of former Judge Una H.R. Keenon, and the support of former Mayor Wallace D. Davis.  The East Cleveland Domestic/Family Violence Program was launched in East Cleveland, Ohio, in July of 1993.


The need for a domestic violence program in East Cleveland became apparent as Judge Keenon's court was encumbered with more and more domestic violence cases.  Today, the need for the services of the East Cleveland Domestic/Family Violence Program (ECDIFVP) is just as real and ever increasing.


The East Cleveland Domestic Family Violence Program is a community based program providing services to families who are, or have experienced domestic violence; and need to learn non-violent ways to live. We are under the jurisdiction of the East Cleveland Municipal Court of which the Honorable Judge William L. Dawson presides; also the City of East Cleveland under Mayor Gary A. Norton continues to provide support for services to the citizens of East Cleveland.


We work closely within the East Cleveland Municipal Court and interface with the Probation Department, Prosecutor's Office, Police Department and other agencies, our goal is to ensure that victims receive the necessary services that will assist them in 'breaking the cycle of violence.


Our services also extend to the perpetrators. The male advocate works closely with them, ensuring they understand the potential consequences of their actions and the court process; moreover, he informs them of legal and community resources available to them.


The ECDIFVP provides end-to-end support to victims, from helping them through the Court process such as;

·        obtaining Temporary Protection Orders

·        Placing follow-up calls concerning court dates

·        Providing updates on the progress and outcome of the case.

·        Support after the case is resolved.

·        Providing assistance with completing Victims of Crime Compensation Forms.


We're looking forward to expanding our services to children and other crime victims as well.


Stress, fear and anger can cause a person to react inappropriately to situations and circumstances in a violent manner, especially if they have been exposed to violence and haven't been taught how to respond to their anger in non-violent ways. In our support groups we teach people how to respond, not react, to anger, stress and fear.


Every Monday evening at 5:30p.m, we host a weekly Victim's Support Group at our 13308 Euclid Avenue location. We also host an Anger Management Support Group every Thursday morning at 10:00a.m, at the same location


Through our Male Education Groups (MEG1&2) for men we encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and teach them nonviolent ways to cope with their anger. MEG 1 our intense group meets Wednesday evenings and MEG2 our follow-up group, meets Tuesday evenings; both groups meet at 5:30 p.m. at 12921 Euclid Avenue.


The East Cleveland Domestic/Family Violence Program

13308 Euclid Avenue - Suite 103

East Cleveland, Ohio 44112


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